CM (Circular Miniature) Series Feedthroughs; Industry Standard Air Side Connectors and Allectra UHV Vacuum Sockets
Co-axial Feedthroughs standard and 50? types; High Voltage and High Frequency versions
Allectra is a manufacturer and supplier of insulated Kapton wires and accessories for UHV as well as tools for use with plugs and sockets.
UHV and High Vacuum Viewports in Standard Glass or other materials including Fused Silica (Quartz)
Gate Valves and Angle Valves for use in High Vacuum and UHV
Allectra is a manufacturer and supplier of CF flanges and fittings, these are flat sexless flanges for applications such as connecting pipes and vacuums together.
Special Components for between series and System Protection including Pressure Burst Discs
Allectra Best Seller
UHV and HV Warehouse Clearance Components
Allectra offers a range of Pressure Burst Discs and Lead Glass Screens as Safety Components for Vacuum systems
An ideal component for low current or voltage measurements, where high accuracy and lowest disruption of the signal are required.
The digital combination vacuum transducer VSH (Pirani/hot/cold cathode) measures absolute pressure from atmospheric pressure to ultrahigh vacuum.