MHV & MHV50 Types

Standard 5kV MHV Feedthroughs on CF and KF flanges; special 50Ω versions of MHV;Vacuum Ready MHV Cables

MHV stands for "Medium High Voltage". It is a type of electrical connector that is designed to carry high voltage electrical signals in the range of 5 kV to 30 kV. MHV connectors are commonly used in scientific and industrial applications, such as high voltage power supplies, particle accelerators, and x-ray equipment.

The MHV connector consists of a cylindrical plug and socket with a threaded coupling mechanism that provides a secure and stable connection. The connector has a center conductor and an outer conductor, which are separated by a dielectric material to prevent arcing and electrical breakdown. The outer conductor is also grounded to prevent electrical interference and reduce the risk of electric shock.

The MHV connector is similar to other high voltage connectors, such as SHV (Safe High Voltage) and BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) connectors, but is designed to handle slightly lower voltages. The MHV connector is also compatible with other connectors in the same family, such as the MHV-BNC and MHV-SMA connectors, which are designed to mate with BNC and SMA connectors, respectively.

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