UHV and High Vacuum Viewports in Standard Glass or other materials including Fused Silica (Quartz)

Allectra are a manufacturer and supplier of viewports for different applications within the high vacuum environment for viewing the process that is occurring.

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Standard Kodial Glass Viewports on CF and KF flanges Allectra are a manufacturer and supplier of standard viewports for High and Ultra High Vacuum and applications to enable process observation.
Allectra is a manufacturer and supplier of sapphire viewports which are a type of viewport for vacuum and high-pressure applications.
Fused Silica(Quartz) Viewports with Broad Band Anti-Reflective (BBAR) coating
UHV Viewports made from Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2)
UHV Fused Silica Viewports with V-coat for use with the ArF