Kapton Wires and Accessories

Allectra is a manufacturer and supplier of insulated Kapton wires and accessories for UHV as well as tools for use with plugs and sockets.

Help for choosing a suitable wire:
- Dipped wire is a good choice, if the parts need no or little movement, these are the most cost-effective versions.
- For radiation environment and temperatures above 260°C KAP301 wires are recommended.
- If flexibility is required, Multi Strand types should be used. These are the typical wires for connecting sensors, motors etc. Stripping is easy

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Kapton wire for UHV; high current and thin wire types, ribbon cable and co-axial wires
PTFE wires, ribbon cable and special materials wire.
In-vacuum connections; UHV lubricant; UHV solder; Kapex Kapton solvent; heaters and thermometers
KAP301 Radiation Resistant Kapton wires manufactured by Allectra. Allectra are a manufacturer and supplier of KAP301, a Kapton wire that can be used in high vacuum and high temperature environments to conduct electrical signals.